Cathrine Clark established in 2021 to bring the most innovative products and most interesting developments to the customer

Putting all our efforts on the high standards and highest efficiency possible.

Brings the best of nature with best technology and science.


Oxygen bubble mask

Oxygen is an important component in skin rejuvenation. Intensification of oxygen supply skin increasing vitality and energy of the Epidermis, comprise special peptides that regulate collagen growth.

Active night peeling

Slowly removes the top layer of the skin, accelerates collagen and elastin production in a gentle and painless process.

Hyaluronic serum cocktail +c

Penetrates the deeper layers of the skin improves appearance of wrinkles, skin texture and appearance

Anti aging peptide neck and eye serum

Fights dark circles, reduces dark tones and eyelid bags, restores and maintains skins youthful appearance.

Anti-aging peptide moisturizing

Contains peptide which penetrates the skin, efficiently treats fine wrinkles and boost collagen elastin, endogenous hyaluronic acid.

INTENSE hydrating mask

Reduces sensitivity of all skin types, ideal for redness and irritations, enriches the skin with bioflavonoids, claiming and soothing

Diamond powder peeling

Peeling diamonds and bamboo powders, evenly exfoliate skin, removes dead cells, open clogged pores.

Deep cleansing soap

Penetrates and dissolve oils and fats, accelerate cell renewal, efficient in removing make up.

SPF 50+

Provides an excellent moisture barrier to skin and board-spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

Magnesium chloride flakes

Soothers and relaxes aching and shrinking mussels, reducing skin disorders.

Magnesium chloride spray

Treatment, after sport and ache muscles, easily absorbed, IMMDIATE EFFECT

Dry and Cracked foot cream

For all feet problems, fungus, redness, bad smell, cracked skin and itchiness.

CALM LOTION (After tanning)

After Sun Soother, helps mild burns and hitching sensations, for instant hydration

Dead sea mud

Mud has a composition of high concentrated skin-nourishing minerals, absorbs toxins, dirt, dead skin cells, and excess oils.

Anti aging peptide EYE AND NECK cream

Fights dark circles, reduces dark circles tone with reduction of eyelid bags, restores and maintains skin youthful appearances.


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